Tax Audit Support

Tax Audit Support

A tax audit is a stressful event. Usually the local finance director is responsible and needs to produce a lot of information in a relatively short timeframe. The way audits are conducted vary greatly per country.

We can manage any tax audit in Europe

We have local audit experience in almost every country in Europe. We will train the local staff before the audit starts and guide and support the local finance manager or finance director during the whole process. Any tax audit will cost a lot of time, but we can make it more efficient. It is also very important to keep the consolidated tax perspective in mind when negotiating with a local tax auditor.

A common argument of a local tax director is often that they have a personal criminal liability.

“They can throw me in jail”

In some countries you have to take these considerations seriously, in some countries this liability is only a formal liability. We know how to manage this. A tax audit is often a stressful event for local management and it will help tremendously if they have support from an experienced professional.