Tax Director on demand

Many companies do not have the resources to hire an experienced tax manager or director, or to maintain an extensive Tax Department, but they still need senior tax support. We offer the on demand tax director services of Dr. Arthur Pleijsier, a former senior international tax director with thirty years of experience.

Not only do we offer these tax director on demand services, we also offer the possibility for you to hire our specialised tax manager, and treasurer on demand. Our collective on-demand services allow us a unique perspective into your company, allowing us to tailor our support and our solutions directly to the heart of your issues.

Do you need an in-house tax director?

An in-house tax director is a senior tax professional who works closely with your department and business units, trying to optimise the tax position and minimise the risks. Doing business means taking risks. In the current complex tax environment you need guidance from an expert tax professional. You can obtain senior tax support from numerous consultancy firms, but oftentimes you need practical tax support from someone who understands your business. In many cases you do not need lengthy memos and long, complex and costly solutions. You need practical solutions and quick answers. Not multiple reservations but clear guidance: Should I go left or right?

How does the Tax Director on Demand solution work?

By means of the Tax Director on Demand service you will have the support and guidance of Dr. Arthur Pleijsier, a very experienced in-house tax director. Not on the payroll but on an at demand basis. Any kind of engagement is possible, whether you want someone placed remotely or at your office: once you pick up the phone you will get immediate support. Arthur will quickly get acquainted with your business and tax needs. Anything a normal tax director would usually do, Arthur can do too. That might mean helping you with your tax audits, manage your tax consultants, providing tax guidance on individual transfer pricing matters (such as new acquisitions or mergers) and guiding you through the set up of solid tax processes. Rest assured that Arthur has done this successfully, many times before. For example, for clients such as: Nike, Hitachi, ConvaTec, Affidea and many others.

Do you need immediate transfer pricing support?

Sander Pleijsier LL.M. is a transfer pricing consultant with extensive in-house experience. He can provide practical support working from your office or on demand. His hands-on approach and experience will provide immediate added value when you for example want to optimise your transfer pricing documentation or when you need transfer pricing support in a big restructuring project.

Do you need immediate treasury support?

We can provide treasury support at a director level from an inhouse treasurer with 18+ years of experience. He can support your company with setting up treasury policies, refinancing projects, banking platforms, cash pooling, hedging and so forth.