TP Technology & Automation

The world of taxation as we know it is changing rapidly. Tax authorities are more and more harnessing the power of machine learning, which resulted in them wanting more and more data from the taxpayer. With how quickly things are evolving, tax authorities may require full, real-time access to the data a company produces when conducting business.

Companies need to prepare for this by having a robust system for handling their internal data in a fully transparent manner. The end of “silos” has come. The latest technologies will have to be used in order to prepare your tax function for the future.

Eurofiscus has been at the forefront of these developments ever since they were incorporated. With a bespoke toolkit of infinitely scalable systems, we can provide all key stakeholders a real-time insight in the tax-relevant data they’ve produced. Eurofiscus, while also designing their own systems, has been actively involved in the development of cutting-edge tax and transfer pricing software that your company may already be using.

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